The Pot of Gold in Network Visibility

By: Tal Arad March 17, 2017

Wow, not only has 2017 flown by, but it's already half-way through March. Today is the Irish holiday of St. Patrick's Day. This means leprechauns, parades, pinching, green, beer, and more beer. The legend has it that leprechauns hid a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. So, will you be the lucky one on this St. Patty's Day? Before you go out and celebrate tonight, I wanted to share a little poem with you.

Five Green Shamrocks

Data center pot of gold

One green shamrock, between the racks he grew; 
Another one sprouted,
and then there were two.

Two green shamrocks, wow, how lucky are thee; 
Another one sprouted,
and then there were three.

Three green shamrocks, by the data center door;
Another one sprouted,
and then there were four.

Four green shamrocks, well, your network visibility will thrive!
But yet another one sprouted,
and then there were five.

Five little shamrocks, bright and emerald green,
Think of all the luck
these shamrocks will bring.

Well, you might not be that lucky to find this situation at work, but on the day that leprechauns roam around and pots of gold lay beneath the rainbows, anything can happen, right? Perhaps this time, the pot of gold holds the secret to securing your network!

Happy St. Patricks Day!


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