Announcing the Industry's First 2U 800 Gigabit Network Packet Broker

Niagara Networks By: Niagara Networks April 01, 2017

There are so many trending things in the tech world these days. From robots and drones to self-driving cars. What's next? In the network visibility space, what's next is our upcoming 800 Gigabit Network Packet Broker!

If you thought 100Gb couldn't get any bigger, wait until you see our new 800Gb Network Packet Broker (NPB), the ultimate of all Network Visibility!

We are very excited to announce our newest addition to our Next-Generation Network Visibility Platform, the 800Gb Network Packet Broker in a breaking_news_800Gb.jpg2U form factor! This ultimate Network Visibility tool will allow data centers, enterprises and service providers to optimize their security and monitoring platform with an exclusive, first-of-a-kind NPB! Our Network Packet Broker will feature high-end packet slicing, packet filtering, load balancing, aggregation, and deep packet inspection capabilities.

You may be thinking, I thought 100Gb was already big, what am I going to do with 800Gb? Well, whether you're at 10Gb or 40Gb, you can skip right over to 800Gb and scale as you grow.  Now is your chance to get ahead of the game with this ground-breaking Network Packet Broker!


As you assess how this unit will fit in your network infrastructure, I have a very important question for you. One of my main concerns is the color of this 800Gb NPB. With such an impressive system, coming from the marketing team, it is important to me that the color will reflect the tool's massive capabilities, so I was thinking a nice neon green. Please comment below with your suggestions.

We all know time passes by very quickly, I mean just a second ago Trump got elected, then it was New Year's, and now it's almost Easter! So, what are you waiting for? Get exclusive pricing info from our sales team today!


Props to you for making it far enough to understand that this article is an April Fool's joke. Happy April Fool's!