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Network Nerd’s @ CISCO Live Orlando 2018

By: Yoram Ehrlich June 20, 2018

The Niagara team has returned from an incredible Cisco Live in Orlando and is reflecting on the fantastic experience for all who attended. It was a lot of fun to meet other network professionals who deeply understand how networks operate and are happy to discuss their day-to-day challenges at levels far more technical than other events. It’s always a pleasure to meet with others who care deeply about technology and how it can address and assist them in detectin...

Exploring Network Bypass Security Scenarios

By: André Vink June 05, 2018

When it comes to the network bypass switch and inline security solutions, you probably have a lot of questions, such as: “What is a bypass switch?”; “How will the bypass switch help if my in-line security device fails?”; “How do I connect up the ...

Port Mirroring for Network Monitoring Explained

By: Yoram Ehrlich May 22, 2018

Let’s say that we want to study or measure traffic on the network (for example, to detect system intrusion, forecast traffic, analyze performance and measure throughput).

Active Taps for Complete Network Visibility

By: Yigal Amram May 10, 2018

OK, so we know that to secure and control our network, we need full visibility into the traffic passing through it. What we would like to have, is a truly non-intrusive device that will offer that visibility, without affecting the network.

Optimizing Security Tool Performance Through Network Traffic Management

By: André Vink May 02, 2018

Today, with network security becoming more important than ever before, enterprises are deploying a variety of network security tools. This is because security threats are becoming more robust, and networks are needing to cope with exponentially increasing amounts of complex data flowing through the network.

Niagara Networks at RSA Conference 2018

By: Norm Meritt April 25, 2018

RSA Conference 2018 wrapped up its 27th annual event last week in San Francisco. Niagara Networks had an engaging and inspiring couple of days discussing common challenges facing the cybersecurity industry.

Secure Full Visibility for Large Multi-Site Networks

By: Yigal Amram April 10, 2018

Whether we're talking about enterprises, telecommunication companies or Multi-System Operators (MSOs), network and security engineers need to deal with the increasing demands of their growing networks.

From Static to Dynamic Visibility Layer — The Paradigm Shift

By: Yoram Ehrlich March 29, 2018

Traditionally NPB Configurations are Complex and Static. As a network administrator, it’s vital that you have complete visibility of your network in order to ensure it is secure and operating smoothly. 

Niagara Networks at Netnod Stockholm 2018

By: André Vink March 22, 2018

Netnod Meeting March 2018 has just wrapped up!

How to Effectively Investigate Data Leaks

By: Yigal Amram March 08, 2018

Enterprises and Service Providers today sure do have their work cut out for them. Security work. They deal with a lot of data, much of it being confidential. With all the looming inside and outside threanetworkts, it is paramount and in everyone's interest to keep this valuable and confidential data secure.