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Niagara Networks Majestics Partner Program

By: Scott Thompson June 16, 2020

Recently, Niagara Networks formally announced its Majestics Partner Program in North America targeting the regional VAR, system integrator, consultant, and MSP. The network visibility market is primed for an alternative solution th...

Network Flexibility and Agility: Values for Astronomical Success

Caltech has an amazing history of scientific discoveries and breakthroughs. For many people Caltech is synonymous with “rocket science.” The institute was the first to discover gravitational waves and the existence of a ninth planet. Caltech discovered the largest and farthest reservoir of water ever detected in the universe, some 30 billion trillion miles away in a quasar. The list is long and ever growing.

Connecting the Dots of Visibility in Cyberwarfare of Today

By: Zeev Draer March 25, 2020

Nowadays, defending against asymmetrical cyber warfare using the old paradigm of focusing on North-South traffic is no longer valid. Attackers have discipline, creativity and more aggressive plans as the attack surface continues to expand with more digital assets inflating the value. Most cyber attacks and defence will start from a North-South direction, but once inside the network, an attacker will spread horizontally using East-West tactics. This is the precise moment when a combina...

Keys to Cybersecurity Success for CISOs in 2020 | Niagara Networks

By: Zeev Draer February 17, 2020

Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) are leading a battle against a moving target battle. Many attackers keenly innovate and can change tactics almost immediately. With the global cost of cybercrime reaching some $6 trillion annually by 2021, cybercriminals are motivated to hone and evolve their practices for big pay-offs. But cyber attacks don’t have to be an i...

Fan Out: Multi and Single Mode Fibre

By: Yigal Amram January 26, 2020

Spine-and-leaf data center architecture has been a major benefit to network designers trying to keep up with ever-increasing business demands. You’re tasked with supporting data-heavy applications, bandwidth-hungry communications systems, and more connected endpoints—all with fewer resources to scale the data center. And while spine-and-leaf designs have helped us get by, we’re quickly reaching the limits of their scalability.

Niagara Networks Open Visibility Platform

By: Yoram Ehrlich December 23, 2019

One of the greatest impediments that security teams face in dealing with escalating threats and increasing data breaches is the lack of agility. While new security technologies and solutions come on the market quickly, security teams have been slow to adopt them. It is difficult and time consuming to add a new security solution to the network or make changes or upgrades to existing ones. Limited ports and rack space, along with the complex or convoluted task of getting a change or add...

Network Analysis and Troubleshooting - with Allegro Packets

By: André Vink & Klaus Degner December 10, 2019

As part of the Niagara Network Partner Showcase series, we introduce our partner’s solution and elucidate the optimization and added value achieved by combining Niagara’s and our partner’s offering together.

Port Scan Attack | Niagara Networks

By: Yigal Amram October 31, 2019

Not all techniques used by cyber attackers are strictly malicious. A port scan attack is just one classic example of a normal security technique being used against the very networks it’s designed to help protect. But this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Port scanning has been a key technique for security pros to conduct service discovery across their networks, and if it works for the blue team, it certainly wor...

Viruses, Worms, and Trojan Horses | Niagara Networks

By: André Vink October 23, 2019

Sophisticated cyber attackers are constantly finding new ways to exploit your network. Whether delivered through drive-by downloads, phishing emails, self-propagation, or any technique in between, all it takes is one malware infection to cost your company millions of dollars. And one thing is clear when it comes to cybersecurity—despite

Fibre Optics Taps for Seamless Network Monitoring | Niagara Networks

By: Yigal Amram October 01, 2019

For many networking teams, the great network visibility debate revolves around taps vs. SPAN ports. However, as network monitoring demands continue to increase, the drawbacks of SPAN ports, also known as mirror ports, are becoming clearer. Compared to