L7 Defense and Niagara Networks Close the API Security Gap

Niagara Networks By: Niagara Networks July 22, 2020

Written by Zeev Draer VP of Marketing Niagara Networks and Ilan Paretsky CMO L7 Defense 

If there’s one need more critical than others in today’s delicate cyber security landscape, it’s the critical linkage between the network security and applicative security. Take Niagara Networks and L7 Defense for example (I know - we’re not exactly objective here, but still) – a network and security visibility pioneer and an API security disruptive innovator. Together, we’re providing a hyper-converged open visibility platform and an API security application that delivers maximum security along with business agility - the common goals of the new digital economy.  

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Think about it like this - If data and applications are the new currency, the network is its system of commerce. We consider the high resolution visibility prism as paramount for both networking and API security. It comes from gaining access to exactly the right traffic from exactly the right place in exactly the right way - the agile way. Serving as an open deployment hub, the Open Visibility Platform hosts L7 Defense inside Network Packet Broker and provides it with the appropriate, pre-processed, and decrypted network traffic to deliver comprehensive application programmable interface visibility and control to SecOps.


Here are some of the benefits you get with Niagara Networks’ agile network security:

  • Eliminating blind spots - you can’t secure what you can’t see
  • “Laser-focused” application traffic delivery to the API security solution
  • Ease of use for NetOps and SecOps - keeping it simple and scalable 
  • Keeping it open - the freedom of choice to integrate any new virtual tool

Now you are probably asking yourself – ok, what’s missing here – where’s the gap? In an API-driven economy where APIs are the building blocks of everything, dependencies on application confidentiality, integrity and availability are high. Our joint application with L7 Defense delivers the best-in-class agile, applicative API security for the best solution. 

The solution provides operational efficiencies in API threat detection.
A coalescent shared visibility platform for NetOps and SecOps that benefits in:

  • Precision  inspection of specific applications/data flows  in the single API resolution
  • No processes duplication for different departments
  • Do more with less - rapid deployment and scale on-demand (new L7 virtual machines can be spinned in seconds) - stabilizing Sec-staff overhead

So if you are a CIO, a CISO, a NetSec operations leader or even a “lowly” SecOps engineer (we know you guys actually do all the work), we’d like you to join us for the rest of the story – you can register to the webinar here – we absolutely promise it’s going to be insightful – and practical.