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Niagara Networks
Niagara Networks
Niagara Networks provides high performance network visibility solutions to allow seamless administration of security solutions, performance management and network monitoring. Niagara Networks products provide advantages in terms of network operation expenses, downtime, and total cost of ownership.
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L7 Defense and Niagara Networks Close the API Security Gap

By: Niagara Networks July 22, 2020

Written by Zeev Draer VP of Marketing Niagara Networks and Ilan Paretsky CMO L7 Defense If there’s one need more critical than others in today’s delicate cyber security landscape, it’s the critical linkage between the network security and applicative security. Take Niagara Networks and L7 Defense for example (I know - we’re not exactly objective here, but still) – a network and security visibility pioneer and an API security disruptive inn...

Who Said the Trade Show Was Dead? | Niagara Networks

By: Niagara Networks July 10, 2017

Once again, Cisco Live US lived up to the hype. People came from every part the world to enjoy the largest networking conference of North America! Last year, there were over 30k attendees, and this year it sure seemed like the crowd grew tremendously! For a 2nd year in-a-row, the show took place in the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Attendees were enjoying themselves all around the city, especially on the night of the Bruno Mar...

Network Visibility is Essential for Strong Security | Niagara Networks

By: Niagara Networks June 23, 2017

The importance of having complete network visibility today can’t be overstated. If an organization can’t see into its network infrastructure, the consequences can be detrimental. With comprehensive network visibility, enterprises and service providers can identify and address network outages, enhance security, and deal with potential regulatory compliance issues—before there’s any negative impact on the business. But fo...

WannaCry Attack and Proactive Threat Detection | Niagara Networks

By: Niagara Networks May 19, 2017

Organizations across the world are still continuing to come to terms with last week’s massive “WannaCry” ransomware attack, which crippled IT infrastructure on an unprecedented scale. In this post, we examine the nature and impact of this threat and why it requires pervasive and advanced network visibility for dynamic threat detection and remediation.

5 Tips to Maximize ROI in Network Visibility Platforms | Niagara Networks

By: Niagara Networks May 17, 2017

As communication networks — the internet in particular — continue to evolve, enterprises must adopt new and efficient technologies, such as cloud computing and virtualization, to improve their networks’ monitoring, security, and overall network visibility.

Implications of Migrating to 100Gb Networks (Pt 1) | Niagara Networks

By: Niagara Networks May 11, 2017

Enabling Non-disruptive, Resilient Threat Monitoring Enterprise data centers are experiencing tremendous growth in network traffic, as consumption of applications and content continues to rise rapidly in the information era. In addition, the widespread adoption of server virtualization is changing the direction of data center network traffic flows from the North/South flow of client-server applications to the East/West of server-to-server traffic. These dynamics require the da...

The First 2U 800 Gigabit Network Packet Broker | Niagara Networks

By: Niagara Networks April 01, 2017

There are so many trending things in the tech world these days. From robots and drones to self-driving cars. What's next? In the network visibility space, what's next is our upcoming 800 Gigabit Network Packet Broker!

RSAC 2017: What Comes Next in Network Visibility? | Niagara Networks

By: Niagara Networks March 06, 2017

Last month, we attended the RSA Conference 2017 in the heart of San Francisco! RSA Conference Chairman Hugh Thompson opened up with an anecdote representing that many organizations have cracks, and sometimes employees find themselves in situations where they don't know how to close the cracks or solve those problems. With so many cyber security threats, it is difficult to know when one will find himself or herself in one of these unexpected situations, or cracks.

Recap from CableLabs Winter Conference | Niagara Networks

By: Niagara Networks March 01, 2017

Recently, we attended CableLabs Winter Conference at Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando, FL. The event was flowing with Cable Operators, CableLabs’ employees, and vendors (like us). It was a great chance for the operators to come together and discuss innovations in the cable space, as well as to network with fellow peers. Additionally, the conference was packed with exciting and thought provoking content. Speeches included the keynote speech by Phil McKinney (CEO of CableLabs), the Da...

To SPAN or Not to SPAN | Niagara Networks

By: Niagara Networks February 10, 2017

Whether you’ve been in the IT, Network Monitoring, or Network Security industries for a short period or for a long period, you’ve probably been asked, “to SPAN or not to SPAN?" Today’s your lucky day because you will learn how to best answer this question both for yourself and for the next time a colleague or prospect asks you.