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Yoram Ehrlich
Yoram Ehrlich
Yoram Ehrlich is a seasoned marketing and product management professional who serves as VP Products at Niagara Networks.

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Niagara Networks Open Visibility Platform

By: Yoram Ehrlich December 23, 2019

One of the greatest impediments that security teams face in dealing with escalating threats and increasing data breaches is the lack of agility. While new security technologies and solutions come on the market quickly, security teams have been slow to adopt them. It is difficult and time consuming to add a new security solution to the network or make changes or upgrades to existing ones. Limited ports and rack space, along with the complex or convoluted task of getting a change or add...

SSL Inspection: Requirements and Solutions | Niagara Networks

By: Yoram Ehrlich December 11, 2018

Introduction – The SSL Inspection Imperative Security—as defined by the combination of confidentiality, integrity, and availability—is vital for protecting web-based transactions. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) due to its flexibility is the ubiquitous choice for securing ecommerce. SSL is most commonly implemented in the form of secure hypertext transport protocol (HTTPS). This secure link ensures that data passed between the web server and the bro...

Network Nerd’s @ CISCO Live Orlando 2018 | Niagara Networks

By: Yoram Ehrlich June 20, 2018

The Niagara team has returned from an incredible Cisco Live in Orlando and is reflecting on the fantastic experience for all who attended. It was a lot of fun to meet other network professionals who deeply understand how networks operate and are happy to discuss their day-to-day challenges at levels far more technical than other events. It’s always a pleasure to meet with others who care deeply about technology and how it can address and assist them in detecting, understanding, and resolving ...

Port Mirroring for Network Monitoring Explained | Niagara Networks

By: Yoram Ehrlich May 22, 2018

Let’s say that we want to study or measure traffic on the network (for example, to detect system intrusion, forecast traffic, analyze performance and measure throughput).

Static to Dynamic Visibility — The Paradigm Shift | Niagara Networks

By: Yoram Ehrlich March 29, 2018

Traditionally NPB Configurations are Complex and Static. As a network administrator, it’s vital that you have complete visibility of your network in order to ensure it is secure and operating smoothly.