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Using Network Packet Brokers in Campus Deployments | Niagara Networks

By: André Vink June 12, 2019

A leading education and research institution faced security, management, flexibility and robustness challenges pertaining to network visibility. Niagara Networks N2 Network Packet Broker provided a highly configurable and robust, performance-enhancing aggregation point coupled with an enhanced "inline tap" for selective fo...

IPFIX Use Cases in Network Monitoring and Analysis | Niagara Networks

By: André Vink May 21, 2019

A Technical Overview and Deployment Considerations The IPFIX (IP Flow Information Export) protocol was standardized by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) in 2013 to be a multi-vendor universal metadata protocol for exporting IP flow information from network devices, such as switches, routers, firewalls to network monitoring and analysis applications or “collector” systems. The IETF IPFIX standard defines how flow information is export...

The Complete Guide to Network Packet Brokers | Niagara Networks

By: André Vink May 01, 2019

How are you keeping your company from becoming just another data breach statistic? The obvious answer is to build up a secure network infrastructure that keeps even the most advanced attackers at bay.

The Challenges of SSL Decryption for Network Visibility | Niagara Networks

By: André Vink March 28, 2019

More and more network traffic is encrypted as people and businesses try to keep their data private and secure as it travels through the Internet. By encrypting transmissions, sensitive information, such as a user's login ID for an online banking session, or perhaps a credit card number, is protected and kept out of the hands of potential hackers and criminal organizations.

[PART 2] Network Visibility and Hybrid Networks | Niagara Networks

By: André Vink March 04, 2019

How to Achieve Hybrid Network Visibility with a Central Controller In the first part of this mini blog series, we talked about the new reality for IT leaders—hybrid networks. Despite the all-or-nothing excitement in the early days of cloud computing, it’s clear that on-premises infrastructure isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Rather, the key to network success is finding your perfect b...

The Power of Packet Deduplication | Niagara Networks

By: André Vink February 05, 2019

Introduction -- Causes and Impact of Packet Duplication Seamless monitoring of network traffic is critically important for enterprise network and security administrators: it lies at the very foundation of network threat detection and remediation. Regrettably, packet duplication has commonly been an undesirable side-effect of

Why Network Visibility is Critical for DDoS Mitigation | Niagara Networks

By: André Vink January 14, 2019

Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) Overview Denial of service is a form of cyber-attack in which attackers overload computing or network resources with so much traffic that legitimate users are prevented from accessing to online services such as online banking and e-commerce. Enterprise websites are a preferred target since they provide the most engagement with an organization’s customers, partn...

Role of Bypass Switches for Visibility and Security

By: André Vink December 31, 2018

There’s one glaring problem with modern security tools. Even if you’ve deployed next-gen firewalls (NGFW), intrusion prevention systems (IPS), data leakage prevention and more, they’re all useless without total visibility of network packets.

What is Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

By: André Vink December 04, 2018

The networking and communications market is at a crucial juncture as it looks to adopt Software Defined Networking (SDN). Legacy networks have become very complex and hard to manage due to interoperability and upgrade requirements, advancing protocols, and management practices typically hard-coded into underlying hardware platforms.

The Potential of the Network Tap

By: André Vink November 19, 2018

Everyone’s talking about Network Visibility and how essential it is for network stability and security. However, to really understand its importance, you have to examine each component of network visibility and how it contributes to the overall picture. It’s imperative to consider how each network visibility component interfaces with and complements other components and how critical an effective visibility layer is in supporting robust network security. ...