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Yigal Amram
Yigal Amram
Yigal Amram is an accomplished professional in the telecommunications industry. Currently Niagara's Director of Sales Engineering Yigal brings the most efficient solution to Niagara's customers

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Pervasive Network Visibility for SD-WAN Deployment | Niagara Networks

By: Yigal Amram January 28, 2019

In contrast to the other components of enterprise networks, the wide-area network (WAN) stands out as the most demanding to administer because it often includes a variety of services and devices with most of those devices at unsupported sites. Management and upgrading is difficult; often remote access to WAN devices is only possible via the WAN itself, so resolving any major errors made during an upgrade may demand physical access to the device itself.

Visibility Challenge of Hybrid Networks

By: Yigal Amram January 07, 2019

How Visibility Can Make or Break a Hybrid Network The modern enterprise IT team faces a seemingly impossible task. More and more, IT leaders are under pressure to dramatically increase agility, maximize workforce productivity, eliminate any security threats, and address every compliance requirement—all while cutting costs. As business leaders accelerate digital transformation initiatives, there’s a fundamental misconception ...

Understanding Advanced Network Packet Broker Features

By: Yigal Amram December 24, 2018

Network visibility isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity if you want to keep applications running smoothly and sensitive data secure. But the simple, SPAN port-driven approaches to network visibility that worked in the past aren’t enough anymore. As your network architecture expands and...

GUI for Network Visibility and User Experience

By: Yigal Amram November 27, 2018

As the saying goes: “Seeing is believing”. Seeing gives you the ability to react very quickly to what you view – on a required basis. In contrast, it also enables you to take your time to thoroughly study a situation (maybe viewing it from different angles and perspectives) before you go ahead and decide to act. This is the power of the user interface (UI) – specifically the graphic user interface (GUI). It optimizes the user experience (UX) and empowers

SPAN and Port Mirroring

By: Yigal Amram November 15, 2018

Switched Port Analyzer (SPAN) is another way of saying “port mirror”. What’s helpful about the term “SPAN” – if you know the acronyms’ description – is that you are then aware that it is related to providing visibility of switch data traffic to other tools.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems | Niagara Networks

By: Yigal Amram October 29, 2018

What Network IDS/IPS Can Do For You IDS and IPS function together as network intrusion detection and prevention systems – generally called IPS or IDPS. The IDS (intrusion detection system) is limited in functionality, because its sole role is to detect. When it detects a potential intrusion, all it is designed to do is to alert an IT administrator or IT security personnel of the potential threat or breach, and they will then take it from there and trigger a protocol...

Network Visibility — The Key to Minimizing Downtime | Niagara Networks

By: Yigal Amram October 15, 2018

Every company has become a technology company. No matter what products you sell or what services you provide, networking systems are the backbone for it all. For business leaders, innovative technology means a more productive workforce and better customer experiences. But for the networking and security pros that support that technology, it means more pressure than ever to maintain availability....

Network Packet Brokers and Security Infrastructure | Niagara Networks

By: Yigal Amram August 20, 2018

Networks keep increasing in size and demand on their resources, and although technology is advancing and doing its best to keep up (or even to try to catch up), managing the actual network security has become more complex, and not necessarily less costly. Enterprise networks and service providers mandate their IT and network experts to keep ahead of the game, and the solution usually adopted is to endlessly introduce new inspection and monitoring tools. This, however, weighs down an al...

Empowering Network Monitoring Tools | Niagara Networks

By: Yigal Amram August 15, 2018

Ready to dive in? Today’s blog will present a detailed look at several sample scenarios of how to support and enhance your network monitoring tools. Of course, network monitoring is quite a broad field that includes network and application monitoring, network traffic monitoring, and network performance monitoring.

NPMD’s, NPB’s, and the Network Visibility layer | Niagara Networks

By: Yigal Amram August 08, 2018

The great English philosopher, Sir Francis Bacon known for his influence in promoting scientific method, held that the aim of scientific investigation is practical application of the understanding of nature to improve man's condition. He rightly expressed, that “Knowledge is Power”. In a similar manner, visibility and control via NPMD – is a necessary ‘knowledge’ power in the world of networking.