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Jose Anes
Jose Anes
Jose Anes is the Product Line Manager at Niagara Networks and brings a combination of software development skills.

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The Fundamentals of Network Taps | Niagara Networks

By: Jose Anes June 17, 2019

Network taps are external appliances that sit between network devices to copy and monitor traffic. Because network connectivity and data security form the backbone of any business, it’s crucial to have pervasive visibility of all traffic. Taps are one of the core network visibility tools that ensure you gain insight from every packet that ...

Network Packet Broker Rules and Configurations | Niagara Networks

By: Jose Anes May 29, 2019

The Port Mirroring or SPAN (Switched Port Analyzer) method of monitoring network traffic has been the perennial focus of network visibility. With port mirroring enabled, the switch sends a copy of all network packets seen on one port (or an entire VLAN) to another port, where the packet can be analyzed. As a SPAN port is unidirectional and network traffic is bidirectional, the aggregate traffic could be twice as mu...

Technical Overview of IPFIX Architecture | Niagara Networks

By: Jose Anes May 13, 2019

A Technical Overview and Deployment Considerations The Internet Protocol Flow Information Export (IPFIX) is a network flow protocol standard defined by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). The IETF IPFIX project was initiated to create a widespread benchmark of export metadata about the traffic flow information from routers, switches, firewalls, and oth...

6 Steps for Securing an Impenetrable Network | Niagara Networks

By: Jose Anes April 22, 2019

By 2021, cybercrime will cost $6 trillion globally. In a survey of over 500 senior-level IT managers, 77% said their companies experienced a security incident in 2018. And worse yet, 39% said their companies suffered five or more data-corrupting events.

Network Visibility Trends in 2019 | Niagara Networks

By: Jose Anes March 14, 2019

Network visibility goals never change—you want to deploy the right combination of network taps, network packet brokers, and

Packet Timestamping: Key to Boosting Visibility | Niagara Networks

By: Jose Anes February 19, 2019

The more we rely on network-connected systems and services for mission-critical processes, the more important it is to design for network visibility. Vendors have been preaching the importance of network visibility for decades. While it’s important to have the right combination of network...