Niagara Networks at RSA Conference 2018

Norm Meritt By: Norm Meritt April 25, 2018

RSA Conference 2018 wrapped up its 27th annual event last week in San Francisco. Niagara Networks had an engaging and inspiring couple of days discussing common challenges facing the cybersecurity industry.

This year’s conference was filled with provoking and informative topics including data privacy, cloud and network security, technology infrastructure and cryptography to name a few, with a focus on dealing with challenging, complex and ever-changing cyber-threats.

Main Takeaways from RSA Conference 2018

  1. Cyber Security Continues to Grow

    The number of attendees grew to over 50,000 this year, a strong indicator of the growth in the security market segment, up from 43,000 in 2017. We also noted more types of vendors participating at the show including penetration testing, identity security, network monitoring solutions and IoT security to name a few.

    The upward trend is also noticeable when looking at global revenue projections. In a report by Zion Market Research, the cybersecurity market is poised to grow by over $75 Billion between 2015-2021 to a staggering $181 Billion. 

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  1. Cyber Security is EVERYWHERE

    Niagara Networks had the opportunity to speak to a wide range of event participants and security vendors. Every company has one form or another of security, implemented to protect their network from unwanted intruders.  Such implementations ranged from basic (such as a simple firewall) to highly sophisticated integrations with multiple security appliances linking together to protect from any breach.

    Leading the push for widespread security deployments are increased risks and exposure to hacks and breaches, and privacy and data considerations that are becoming more regulated, and more difficult to comply with.

  2. Cyber Security Solutions are Complex

    While attending RSA, we noticed a common theme amongst many of the attendees; robust cyber security is not for the faint hearted – it requires deep commitment across multiple levels of an organization.  Getting multiple defenses and frameworks working synergistically is no simple feat.

    Network visibility is a crucial element required for any network that aims to manage and orchestrate complex security protection. Niagara Networks presented a range of solutions that give IT professionals and security engineers the ability to make key decisions in real-time, and sniff out any threats or blind spots. One important component of this design is an external bypass which protects network connectivity in the case of an appliance or service outage. Niagara Networks also released the Packetron Module that lets you maximize hardware functionality and improve hardware ROI.  

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Cyber threats are looming larger than ever, with the overall security threat landscape becoming more concerning and threatening. Enterprises must seriously consider how they will ward off these threats, and remain current and informed to minimize your risk to a security breach.  

Niagara Networks are industry leaders in implementing Network Visibility Solutions that provide a clear, detailed picture if your network is under attack, and provides the necessary hardware to safeguard and ensure all of your data is protected and never compromised. Talk with our visibility experts to see how we can help secure your network.

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