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Harry Quackenboss
Harry Quackenboss
Harry Quackenboss is an advisor to Niagara Networks, and has had a distinguished career as a technology executive, board member, advisor to companies in networking, distributed computing, and cloud technologies. Along time ago Harry wrote software, and still considers himself a geek, although he says the only programming he does these days is with spreadsheets helping some early stage build a business plan. He is equally at home talking to engineers about advanced network chips or working with a CEO on strategy. When not thinking about high technology, he’s advising San Jose State University’s Spartan Racing collegiate Formula SAE team.
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On the 12th Day of Visibility, I Improved the Internet | Niagara Networks

By: Harry Quackenboss January 27, 2017

Improving the Internet: A Call to Action I took a seminar taught by a retired U.S. Army Command Sergeant Major with a PhD in Organizational Psychology.

On Day 11, I Created a Vision: Visibility Everywhere | Niagara Networks

By: Harry Quackenboss January 24, 2017

When the founders of Gigamon first described their, as they called it, Data Access Switch, a lot of observers (including myself) thought it was a clever idea. We also thought it would be strictly a niche use case, likely to be absorbed into the incumbent vendors’ existing switch/routing product lines.

On Day 10 of Visibility, I Reinvented the Internet | Niagara Networks

By: Harry Quackenboss January 18, 2017

Reinventing the Internet is a Silly Idea The Internet carries with it many problems, and over the decades, a large number of people have discussed reinventing the Internet. Some of these efforts have had a significant impact on the networking world. For example, IPv6 was created to solve the problem with the growth in Internet-connected computers and other devices, as we were going to run out of IPv4 addresses. IPv6 is happening, but at a much slower pace than its proponents intende...

Day 9 of Network Visibility | Niagara Networks

By: Harry Quackenboss January 17, 2017

A Contrary View: The internet (ARPANET) was designed to be secure Every couple of years, the media is full of articles, conference discussions, and blog posts about reinventing the internet. There are some valid reasons for these conversations. However, the one that I hear often is the one that offers the vaguest explanation: “The internet wasn’t designed for today’s scale”, meaning that the internet, or more precisely, its predecessor ARPANET wasn’t designed for security.

On Day 8 of Visibility, I Discovered My First Spam | Niagara Networks

By: Harry Quackenboss January 13, 2017

Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny I don’t mean that I sent one, I mean one that I received. In the 1970s, I worked for Honeywell Information Systems in technical marketing for the Multics operating system. Some of you may have heard about the system or studied it in college. It was a collaboration among AT&T Bell Laboratories, GE’s computer business (subsequently acquired by Honeywell) and MIT, with funding from ARPA (later renamed DARPA), to build a “C...

Day 7 of Network Visibility | Niagara Networks

By: Harry Quackenboss January 04, 2017

One of the healthy things about the Software-Defined Networking (SDN) movement has been that WAN and LAN network engineers are finding common ground.

Day 6 of Network Visibility | Niagara Networks

By: Harry Quackenboss December 30, 2016

When the legendary Admiral Grace Hopper would give a talk, she often handed out pieces of wire 11.8” in length, and educate her audience about the amount of time it took for electrons to traverse the length of the wire: 1/1,000,000,000 of a second, or, to round off a bit, electrons travel about one foot every nanosecond. In other words, it’s the same as the speed of light through free space.

Day 5: Sixth Reason Why a TAP is Better Than a SPAN | Niagara Networks

By: Harry Quackenboss December 30, 2016

Back on October 6 2016, one of my colleagues at Niagara wrote a post about the five reasons a Network TAP is better than a SPAN port. There is at least one other good reason. To explain it, I’ll start with a quote from a former CTO-tur...

On the Fourth Day of Visibility, I Discovered SDN | Niagara Networks

By: Harry Quackenboss December 27, 2016

Where did SDN come from? If you were to ask longtime telecom industry experts where Software-Defined Networking (SDN) originated, they might be quick to answer that the concept of controlling networks from a management console has literally been going on for decades in large telecommunication network environments. But that’s not the only valid answer to this question. If you want to know how the actual term SDN, came to be, here is the story.

Day 3: All You Can Do with Network Visibility | Niagara Networks

By: Harry Quackenboss December 23, 2016

Monitoring employees in the workplace is a sensitive topic because it touches on employee policies and an individual’s right to privacy, both of which often come with legal implications.